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Your customers are your most important source of feedback. Their ratings and reviews impact how search engines and other customers make decisions about your brand everyday. If you don’t pay attention to this important source of customer feedback, you could be leaving revenue on the table. Zip Reviews helps you generate authentic, first-party reviews directly from your customers, which can help you stand out in today's new search experiences. And you can monitor and respond to reviews across our Network, uncovering new opportunities to improve your operations and win more business.


Stay informed and improve customer relationships

Stay on top of customer feedback.

Engage and respond to customers across our network.

Automatically filter and set-up notifications for incoming reviews that may require attention.

Automatically flag inauthentic or negative reviews - before they go live.


Drive more revenue with review insights

Analyze customer feedback at scale to understand how its impacting your ratings and reviews.

Understand how locations are performing across geographies in your category.

See how your location stack-up against local competitors.

See your reputation like never before.


Add star power to your search results

Gain powerful first-party reviews from your customers.

First-party reviews generate fresh, keyword-rich content on your website which search engines love.

Get up to 30% more clicks by showing customer's star ratings directly on search result.

Sync your CRM, website or any other contact database. Generate reviews on auto-pilot.


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Zip Listings puts you in control of the facts about your business across 100+ digital services globally, including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, and Yelp. ZipPromoter's industry-leading Network gives you direct connections to all the places where consumers seek answers about your brand.

Zip Reviews helps you generate authentic reviews directly from your customers, which you can add to your website to star in today’s new search experiences. And, you can monitor and respond to reviews across the Zip Promoter Network. Win more business from intelligent search and uncover new opportunities to improve your operations with Zip Reviews.

With information about your brand scattered across the digital ecosystem, it’s never been possible to see a single, complete view of how customers are interacting with your business. Zip Intelligence brings customer interactions into focus — everywhere they occur. Measure not only how well you rank in search, but how many of the facts that consumers see about your business you truly control.