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on ratings + reviews

The key to improving your business operations may be sitting online right now. With Review Insights, you can see the total count and distribution of your ratings on your own website and across our entire Network. You’ll uncover how customers feel about their experiences, discover opportunities for improvement, and see how you stack up against your peers.

See how your stars stack up.

Zip Promoter’s variety of prebuilt reports help you learn how your rating, review count, and more compare to other businesses in your industry. Filter these reports by location to pinpoint areas where you can win more business by improving your operations and customer experience.

View changes over time.

How are your ratings trending? View the rolling average rating for all, some, or one of your locations to see how your reviews change over time and with scale. These changes can signify opportunities for improvement and help you run your business better.

Understand your customers’ experiences.

Your customers have already told you how to improve their experience. With Sentiment Analysis in Zip Reviews, you can identify trending keywords, view the modifiers impacting those keywords, and see how those keywords reveal your customers’ feelings about your brand.


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